Some Idiot. (Photo credit: Dear Kindred Photography)

Hi. My name’s Brendan. I’ve been working as an artist and writer in the TV and videogames industries for 13 years. I’m from a place called Adelaide in South Australia.

When I was fourteen, my dream job was to work in the creative industry, designing weapons, monsters and characters. Now my dream job is to spend all day walking around a forest painting sticks and leaves and mushrooms. People tell me that’s not actually a job, but that’s what they said about drawing weapons and monsters.

I’ve worked with a bunch of different studios on many different projects. Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Happy Feet, The ABC, Netflix, The Avengers, Microsoft, Halfbrick, Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja are some names I might list to try and impress you. Are you impressed?

I draw, design, animate, direct and write professionally. I create music and voice-act less than professionally. I play ice hockey, fish, and raise my three children very unprofessionally.

My favorite color is approximately #0e7448.