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Twisted Miniatures

BUCKET LIST ALERT: My 12 year old self would be elated to find out that some of my drawings would one day be made into real life tabletop gaming miniatures. My 29 year old self was also pretty excited when just the other day I found out that the Dickensian-steampunk project “Twisted” by Demented Games was well underway and featured some beautifully sculpted pieces based on my designs.

I designed the Nightingale and Sowerberry figures** a couple of years ago in the early days of the project and have only just been alerted to their three-dimensional existence. I will be watching my mailbox intensely in the next couple of days as they make their way over!

Check out the catalogue including these and other Twisted miniatures and be sure to mosey on to the Kickstarter page and support the project.

**Final 2D art featured on product page was not created by me.