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Gnoms – Episode 2

Well, I went and did it. I made a second episode.

After the minor success of the first one (success meaning people didn’t hate it) in conjunction with the many positive comments I received across several different forums, I felt coerced to embark uponĀ  on the colossal undertaking that was Gnoms episode two.

This episode is quite a bit longer than the first and was much more involved on a technical level. As a result, I’m a little drained on the AfterEffects front, and am looking forward to some time off of the whole animation thing for some good ol’ fashioned drawing. It’s been a big few months.

As much as I love the Gnoms world, this remains a hobby and will likely be the last episode I produce until I’m actually getting paid for this endeavourĀ in some capacity. Or, y’know, people leave really, really nice comments again…