Hello. My name is Brendan Deboy. I’ve worked in the game development and television animation industries for eight years.

I began my career as a concept artist and have since taken on a number of different roles including art directing, writing, and production directing. I’ve provided work for many companies including Krome Studios, THQ, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, The People’s Republic of Animation and Vishus Productions and have contributed to a large number of well known intellectual properties including Happy Feet, the Marvel universe,  Star Wars, Fruit Ninja and more.

Currently I work as a creative director for Halfbrick Studios, writing, directing and producing art for TV shows and games.

My art has been displayed in several publications both local and abroad. I can occasionally be seen mentoring/guest lecturing at universities across South Australia.

My favourite colour is #156239.

Feel free to contact me and thanks for visiting.




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