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The Art of Halfbrick

Halfbrick recently collaborated with Dynamite Entertainment to come up with this; The Art of Halfbrick, a hardcover treasury of concept, production and marketing art from Halfbrick’s varied game projects. There’s a fair bit of my stuff in there, but don’t let that stop you checking from it out.



Sketchbooks Exhibited

A while back I had a bunch of my sketchbooks exhibited at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery as part of a UniSA alumni exhibition titled The Power of Illustration: A Legacy for the Future. If you want to go and see them, you can’t – this  post is very late and the exhibition ended months ago. Photos below.



Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Complete

Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force, the project I’ve been working on for the better part of the last three years, is finally complete. All thirteen episodes are available to watch on YouTube Red. First episode is free.

I had the opportunity to take on on a number of different roles on this project, learning a lot and having fun working with a number of skilled and interesting professionals from all over the world.

If you’re interested in a peek behind the curtain, you can watch the director’s commentary of episode one, featuring myself and co-director, Gordon Crum.


Twisted Miniatures

BUCKET LIST ALERT:  Some of my drawings have been made into tabletop miniatures! The Dickensian-steampunk project “Twisted” by Demented Games is well underway and features some beautifully sculpted pieces based on my designs.

I designed the Nightingale and Sowerberry figures* a couple of years ago in the early days of the project and have only just been alerted to their three-dimensional existence. I will be watching my mailbox intensely in the next couple of days as they make their way over!

Check out the catalogue including these and other Twisted miniatures and be sure to mosey on to the Kickstarter page to support the project.

*Coloured 2D art featured on product page was not created by me.


Upvoted Gnoms Feature

Upvoted is a publication based around happenings on Reddit. Three days ago they featured an article about Gnoms after it recently enjoyed another spike of popularity (and close to 100,000 new views).

Before you rush out to get matching Cintiq tablets, check out the pilot that Adelaide-based animator Brendan Deboy—who goes by NotBrenAgain on Reddit—created in 2014 with his daughter Avalie, who was just one year old at the time:

The pilot features a quartet of drum- and synth-voiced worms who start a dance party near an innocent gnome named “Red” and a slumbering bear (named “Bear”). When the furry beast inevitably wakes up, the party worms rescue the young gnome with their infectious beats.

On Sunday night, this promising first episode—and a five-minute sequel from 2015—caught the attention of Reddit’s Videos community—and prompted many redditors to ask Deboy when the (intentionally misspelled) series Gnoms would be a full-fledged show.

Head over to Upvoted to read the rest.



Fruit Ninja: Five Fruitful Years

Halfbrick – the company I work for – has just released a documentary on the history and future of the Fruit Ninja brand. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in Halfbrick, the Fruit Ninja game or just simply fascinated by all things mobile development. It’s quite an interesting story and features interviews from the original creators and developers.

I also make an appearance  and speak briefly about the up and coming Fruit Ninja TV show I am currently working on as a writer and director. My bit starts at 41:40.


Sketch Nonsense: Volume 1

Here’s a small gallery of some recent experiments, doodles and whatnot. Let’s face it, if I waited to show you  the polished stuff, I’d only be updating this thing once in a billion years. Stay tuned for more dribs and drabs.



Gnoms – Episode 2

Well, I went and did it. I made a second episode.

After the minor success of the first one (success meaning people didn’t hate it) as well as the many positive comments I received, I felt coerced to embark upon  on the colossal undertaking that was Gnoms episode two.

This episode is quite a bit longer than the first and was much more involved on a technical level. As a result, I’m a little drained on the animation front, and am looking forward to getting back to some good ol’ fashioned drawing. It’s been a big few months.

As much as I love the Gnoms world, this remains a hobby and will likely be the last episode I produce until I’m actually earning money with this endeavour. Or, y’know, people leave really, really nice comments again…